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Beijing: a comprehensive modernization of education promote capital

In recent years, Beijing conscientiously implement the National Primary and Secondary Education Information Work Conference, the "New Beijing, New Olympics" strategic concept of building a modern international city in the background, to vigorously develop education information, to promote the capital as a modern education important measures, high priority, priority. Through preferential policies and financial investment, the city's primary and secondary information on infrastructure, access to information technology education, the use of information technology to improve education quality and management level and so on have been developed rapidly.

Building network system to create smooth digital learning environment

Information is to promote an important force for economic and social development, to develop information technology, is the realization of New Beijing, New Olympics strategy, the full realization of urban functions, building a harmonious society important means for the best area. Education Information is an important part of the modernization of education and the main logo, but also an important means to achieve the modernization of education. In recent years, Beijing adhere to the "overall planning, coordinated development; uniform standards, sub-step by step; Zhengfuzhudao, She Hui participation" construction principles and "from Shijichufa to Ying Yong promote building to demand and promote the development of" implementation strategies to Education and information as a "digital Beijing" an important part of education as the focus of the capital to work actively to create digital learning environment.

"15" period, the construction of primary and middle schools in Beijing for the capital investment in more than 2 billion yuan, of which 800 million yuan into municipal, district and county investment of 1.2 billion. Municipal government has the "primary and secondary schools to build the campus network" and "End of small building for rural computer classroom," tangible things such as city projects, early project focus on investment, end of year examination. Implementation of the "School Link" project, adhere to government-led development planning and technical specifications, business Loaning construction, municipal, district and county to share the construction mode, so that Beijing network and information infrastructure developed rapidly.

As of the end of 2005, the city was basically completed by the municipal backbone, regional networks and campus networks District 3 network of the Beijing Education Information Network. Layout adjusted to retain the more than 1,900 primary and secondary schools built network, network nodes into each classroom. The city's schools have computers 220,000 units, an average of every 10 students who have a computer for every two full-time teachers to use a computer. All the city's schools opened information technology courses, the completion of a high standard, "School Link" project, initially set up the digital learning environment.

Construction of standard data management system to improve the level of education

Construction of the city to adapt to the information age demands a unified, standardized data management system for primary and secondary schools, is basically realize modernization of education in Beijing to promote the application of information technology education important. Since 2000, Beijing plans to build cities, counties, school level management information system, through data extraction and sharing, play in school management, educational administration, financial asset management, personnel management, management in entrance examination applications. In 2004, the city's primary and secondary students in the basic data entry to the school management information systems. In 2005, the city in the exam, college entrance applications and management information system data to achieve docking.

In 2006, the city's primary and secondary students for the free distribution of IC card 900 000 students. Students IC card not only has the electronic roll management, municipal traffic card function, can also be in the library, computer room, Access Control, canteens, self-service facilities at places such as integrated application. IC cards have become the Beijing students to promote the public an important part of the work card. June 1, 2005, Dongcheng District, started the "Blue Sky Project", the region 80 000 students with student card to participate in a variety of social practice, sharing high-quality extra-curricular educational resources. At the same time, the conditions covering the city's statistical analysis of primary and secondary school system, the city's primary and secondary data entry of fixed assets management system for education management decision-making, education, construction and investment in terms of primary and secondary schools offer a basic compliance basis.

Improve the quality of urban and rural distance learning platform for resource sharing

Beijing 62% of the area is mountainous, rural areas, regardless of the number of schools or the number of students occupy a large proportion, therefore, no modernization of rural education, there is no capital, modernization of education. Beijing on the configuration of equipment in rural primary and secondary schools, the campus network construction, and cadres to support teacher training and other priorities, "15" during the primary and secondary information input 800 million yuan in 600 million yuan into suburban districts and counties. Suburbs to 10 schools nearly a campus building, with 30,000 units of teachers use computers, the students machine 5 million.

Beijing actively build distance learning platform, to achieve quality education for urban and rural resource sharing. 2000, 10 urban and suburban districts and counties open distance learning site; 2001 studio set up grade teacher; 2002 opened on-line teaching and research, organization of outstanding teachers to rural teachers in lesson preparation counseling; 2003 "SARS" successful implementation " air classroom "and" class online "distance learning, to provide comprehensive primary and secondary students, a variety of learning guidance and counseling, information technology challenges in dealing with special period played a crucial role; in 2004, organizations will be good, Dongcheng District Online curriculum resources and Changping, Yanqing and students to share, so that teachers and students in remote mountain town of outstanding teachers can share teaching resources; in 2005, launched 20 pairs of Hand in Hand schools, urban and rural distance learning pilot project, Beijing and Hong Kong 50 pairs of sister school online distance learning projects and video-Beijing Hong Kong Shanghai and Chongqing China Four school distance learning program. In addition, Beijing has also used information technology to explore the regional balanced development model and strategy. District Dongcheng District, the implementation of community management, school district schools to use the information platform for his own educational resources visit the website, school supply and demand of the Internet to reach an agreement, can achieve school facilities equipment resources, curriculum resources, human resource sharing. A series of measures to narrow the gap between the urban and rural areas, the distance between cities, effectively promote the balanced development of education and remote education exchange and cooperation.

Platform to build digital moral way of educating people to open up Network

Today's world, communication network as a cultural form, a profound impact on young people learn life and values formation. Rational use of network technology and innovation in primary and secondary schools to improve moral education, play educational function is the pressing issues we must face. To create a civilized and healthy information culture, improve the effectiveness of moral education, since 2004, relying on Beijing, Beijing, Beijing Education Information Network in digital moral platform. The construction of digital moral platform to explore and establish a new model of moral education as its main task to solve the teachers and students to learn, work and life experience of hot and difficult issues as the breakthrough point for the moral education, the class teacher to provide advice and services; surface moral education to the students carry out online activities, provision of psychological services.

Moral education in the digital platform, teachers, students, parents can consult the moral education policy, the information about moral education, to participate in moral education. "Emotional gas station", "Youth and Law", "Online Summer Camp", "Love Online", "civilized", "Construction and Reconstruction" and other colorful and lively brand part mature, so that more moral life, and the students.

Moral Education in primary and secondary school moral education for the digital platform to provide a vivid, intuitive, fresh and educational resources, establish a student, school, family communication and interactive learning platform to expand space-time moral education, moral formation of all-round pattern of work, won the parents, students, the trust and praise.

Innovative building and sharing of resources to improve the level of building mechanism

Education and Information Resources is the core of development problems in the context of the new curriculum reform, educational resources, construction and application of more pressing needs. We believe that the present is not the lack of teaching resources, lack of integration of existing resources and sharing. Based on this, Beijing clearly stated, "overall planning, standards, resource sharing, innovation," the resources of construction principles and the "distribution of resources, storage, directory, centralized management," thinking of building. 2005, Beijing set up primary and secondary information resource platform and attract businesses, universities, teachers participate in district and first-line Resources. Mode of operation, the city's unified electronic money issued to primary and secondary teachers, by teachers choose to use resources, year-end settlement of the situation in accordance with resources to download. Avoid low-level duplicated construction of resources to maximize efficiency in the use of resources.

As of the end of May 2006, the platform resources, has more than 1.4 million total, more than 17 million registered users. Also has 50,000 kinds, more than 70 million copies of digital books digital library of Beijing primary and secondary school teachers and students began to open free of charge. Platform for teachers to primary and secondary resources, brings a wealth of educational resources and new teaching ideas, teachers will be the platform of the graphics, audio and video material integrated into the teaching process, but also generated a number of advanced and practical educational resources and teaching cases make teaching more colorful, and loved, to improve the overall teaching effectiveness.

The development of information technology in education is the ultimate goal of effective application of information technology to teachers and students among the services for teachers, as student services, educational innovation, improve teaching quality. Beijing has been the integration of information technology and pedagogical focus as a way of promoting the teaching reform and innovation. The city around the "change of information technology and teaching methods", "Information technology and learning Zhuanbian", "information technology environment teacher professional development," the three themes, Constructing Teaching target system, to explore ways and means of implementation of an integrated.

Give full play to Beijing and human resources, relying on universities and research institutions in Beijing for the information base for teacher professional development and the experimental area. Led by experts, reflective teaching, exchange of experience, special training and other means of information technology application ability of teachers, teaching reflection and evaluation capacity, instructional design capability. The city has completed the age of 45 secondary school teachers to undergo training in information technology applications and network administrators, academic backbone of information technology application ability of teachers training.

As the basis for network development, types of Education Web site, such as Beijing, mushroom growing; online office, management information systems, running the conditional statistics analysis system application effect becoming 鏄庢樉; education teaching model under Jishuhuanjing, Jiaoxuefangfa Buduanyouhua; teachers and students of information literacy and the use of significantly improved.


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